Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Liebster Award Nomination

Hello there!

So the lovely Daniella over at Polkadella blog has very kindly nominated me for a Liebster award. Now, I am unsure what exactly it is but its designed for smaller blogs with less than 200 followers so I do think it is giving a great platform for other bloggers to interact with each other, and to offer support and exposure of their blog.

The Rules:
So once you have been nominated you will need to follow these rules, that is if you decided to accept the nomination.
You will need post a blog post with the following included:

1. Accepting the award
2. Answer the questions set by the blogger who nominated you
3. Nominate 11 other bloggers (try to avoid repeats) for the award
4. Set 11 questions of your own for your nominees to answer
5. Please place the Liebster Badge on your post

Just remember when you nominate other bloggers you should post on their blog or send an email just to notify them that they have been nominated by you.
The quickest way to explain what's what is to give them a link to the rules which can be the link to your blog post. You also need to list the nominees on your blog with links so others can gain access.

Ok so I am now going to answer the questions asked by Daniella.
1. What made you want to start blogging?

 I had been an intern for a local online business based in Belfast and I was the blog manager of the company. At this time I was exposed to interacting with bloggers who wrote from different aspects-from life and relationships, food and fashion and beauty. I was in charge of editing the blogs and uploading the posts, to email the bloggers with a weekly newsletter and to brainstorm back and forth with topics to write about. After my time came to an end and I started uni, I really began to miss it so decided to start my own.

2. What is the craziest thing youv'e done?

Oh God. I really don't wana say. Define crazy?

3. What is your most precious possession?

This may sound weird and technically it's not a possession but my dog. I swear, I treat him like a baby, can't leave him on his own too long or I began to panic that he's lonely. I don't even get all that homesick but since having him I can't wait to get back home just to see the wee mongrel.

4. Have you seen Ellie Goulding live, if so where? (I just really love her)

Ah no, no I have not indeed.

5. If you was on a desert island what 5 things would you take?

1) moisturiser
2)A blanket
4)an endless supply of my ma's stew. Or her potatoes. I'm Irish, I was reared on the stuff.
5)Endless supply of alcohol. Any type. Please and thank you.

6. What skin type are you?

hmmm. My skin is constantly changing but generally, this is the best condition my skin has probably been in. Sure I still have some acne scars, redness and enlarged pores but I don't suffer from outbreaks anymore :) I have always taken care of my skin though. I would probably say normal/dehydrated.

7. Acrylic or Natural paint your self nails?

oh natural.

8. What is your favourite make up beauty brand?

Such a hard question! High street I would probably have to say max factor, high end I'm going to say illamasqua. Toughie between them and estee lauder.

9. Are you following me on any networks? (you can say no..I'm just curious

Twitter and bloglovin :)

10. If you had £10,000 you could spend on anything what would it be?

Diamonds! Then the rest to charity, i'm just being too greedy.

11. Have you ever dyed your hair pink?


So the 11 blogs that I have chosen for the Leibster award are:

Painted Petals.
Bernadette Christina.
crimes of a blonde
pretty not perfect
silver brogues
That Belfast Girl
life under the pink blanket
one year of fashion fasting by LK

 and here are my questions:

1)What is the first thing that pops into your head?
2) Describe yourself in three words.
3)why did you start blogging?
4) Do you agree with the leibster award in what it is trying to promote?
5) what do you like best about blogging?
6) What do you dislike about blogging?
7) Who are your fashion/beauty icons? They can be male or female.
8)What is the best thing you like most about the place where you are from/living?
9) Do you fake tan?
10) which do you prefer in a look-natural or glamorous?
11) Have you ever been caught doing something you shouldn't have? (Not necessarily breaking the law, but if it applies here to you then go on ahead.)

So that is that my lovelies!

Leave me a comment below if you accept and I can't wait to see your answers.

Niamh xx



  1. Thanks for my nomination! I love your blog so you've made my day :)

    Emma x

  2. You're welcome Emma :) your blog is amazing, you deserve the nomination x

  3. Thank you sooo much Niamh. Totally made my day too!! Heart your blog so this is a huge honour! :) xoxo

    1. you're welcome Bernadette :)your blog is out of this world so you really deserve it, im so glad it made your day xx