Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Surprise Gift- Victoria Jackson Lipgloss purse

Hi all!
So I'm back from my few days away to Donegal, it was the best craic in ages! A group of us went for my friends 21st (mines is just around the corner) and she also leaves early September for Germany so it was a great last farewell for her to celebrate.
So when I got home my brother surprised me with this gift. He was away to Salou himself with his fiancé so I'm really surprised he picked me up something, not that I was complaining. The case alone I would have been happy about, it is stunning! A mock croc skin (I hope!) case that easily opens to reveals a sleek hidden pouch with two lip-glosses inside by Victoria Jackson. The case is also slim enough to hold my phone inside and maybe some ID, so it could well easily become my new purse for nights out.
The two lip-glosses I'm abit let down by. Then again however, I wasn't expecting anything therefore I had no hope in the first place so technically I can't complain. Now, Victoria Jackson is a brand that I am unaware of but a quick google search and she's an American brand that specialise in barely there make up, which I am not at all fond off. There were no shades on the glosses but they were double ended. At the end of each was a clear lip plumper. The colour end is what I was let down by.
On the left, it looks like a gorgeous deep burgundy red but what came out was barely even a hint of pink on the lips. The right shade was very shimmery that I don't really like so the colour glosses are abit useless to me, I may as well just wear the plumper alone. However, I will say that they are not at all sticky and are very moisturising and smell lovely. It was more of a very light tea tree smell, very fresh and tingly.
So all in all, a lovely surprise gift! Even though I am not so fond of the glosses I will always keep one handy inside on a night out for a quick touch up, along with my phone and ID that it now holds. Result!
Niamh xx

Friday, 16 August 2013

Soap & Glory lipstick in pom pom

I bought this lipstick off a blog sale and I just love it! It is amazing! I'm glad that I had bought it at cheap price as I couldnt really find any reviews on the Soap & Glory make up line and personally I am not fond of their mascara or super mother pucker lipgloss.

This comes beautifully packaged and looks and feel expensive. It's a matte lipstick with a beautiful velvey satin finish and isnt drying at all on the lips. Two coats blotted in between will last the whole day. It does come of with drinking and eating but it doesnt flake or look like its fading on the lips. Pom Pom is a gorgeous berry purple shade and is a colour that I feel is appropiate for all seasons so it is a very versatile shade to wear and would suit all skin tones.

Excuse the dodgy photos as I have to rely on my phone camera which is only 2mp and has no flash so doesnt really do it much justice. I am most definetly going to invest in more Soap & Glory lipsticks but I really should put myself on a lipstick ban.

Niamh xx

cocoa brown tan 'tough stuff'


I was sent out a sample of Cocoa Brown tan 'Tough Stuff' body exfoliator aimed for those stubborn areas and also to remove any patchy tan. All I have to say about this product is OMG BUY ME IT IN THE BUCKETLOAD!
I know blogger people, I had done it again and I am truly sorry. I had ignored your praises for this wonder product all over twitter and the blogosphere. After all, it is just a scrub. What is so wonderful about a scrub? Pretty common and not very high on the wow scale, that is until this bad boy.
Now Cocoa Brown tan is the lovechild of Marissa Carter. It is an Irish based company, and Ms. Carter is a highly intelligent and glamorous lady who has decided to expand into the beauty business knowing that she could deliver that many other brands and products could not. And delivered she has. I have yet to try the actual tan but I have heard rave reviews, especially the night and day tan.
Now 'Tough Stuff' is aimed as an exfoliator to be used both wet and dry, and also to remove any stubborn streaky tan. At the time when I tried this product I did not have any tan on, however I seriously do not doubt that this scrub could easily remove it. It's everything that shouldn't work but does, it's a living working contradiction! Tough but gentle, non-irritating, great smelling, non-abrasive yet delivers fantastic results. What is also distinctively noticeable is that it is pink and smells of fresh fruit. It actually reminded me of drinking cocktails on holiday. Another thing about it that I think is why it is so tough is that it isn't big grains, they are all quite small yet contrary to belief, they work better than big grains.
I used it dry on my body and it immediately got straight to work. It felt fantastic. I immediately felt my body go 'ahhhhh'. Even though I do regularly use a body scrub in the shower and daily use a body brush, this scrub knocked both of these out the window. It really was as if a layer was being taken off me, yet it was so gentle and didn't irritate me at all, and I do have sensitive skin. I couldn't help but imagine that this would be great for a hangover, to shed all the dirty shame from the night before and emerge a new person hurrah! My hands even got such an exfoliation! I swear they looked so smooth, even the very palms were so smooth due to rubbing the scrub in, I haven't felt my hands to be so smooth in YEARS!
Seriously this is a wonder product. And so simple. You rip the packet, rub in, rinse off. The three R's to make it sound like a dirty joke- Rip, Rub, Rinse. So filthy. I love dirty jokes. All those years previously of constantly exfoliating using various methods all seem inadequate. Silly me for ever trying to get smooth, soft skin. But now I can yaay!
You can buy two 50ml sachets of 'Tough Stuff' at feelunique.com here for £4.50 including free delivery. Both Primark and Boots stock the Cocoa Brown line so hopefully it should be there also. My only thing that maybe I can recommend is that they bring it out in the tub load, seriously. This sample was more than enough to cover my whole body from head to toe but I want it in the tub load so I can use every last bit, it is that good.
Niamh xx

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Beauty Haul Giveaway

Hi lovelies!
I've decided to do a little giveaway for no particular reason. I haven't hit a certain amount of followers or I haven't reached a blogging anniversary, I just thought I'd do it to be nice and to share some of the products that I happen to enjoy. Also to say a big thank you to the level of support and readers since starting the blog, you have all been great!
In my little giveaway you will receive these items*:
  • No.7 limited edition eye shadow palette
  • No.7 limited edition lip gloss
  • Seventeen  back lash gel eyeliner in black
  • Seventeen doll'd up mascara in black
  • Bourjois 1 second gel silicone texture nail polish in taupe
  • A pair of blue tassle earrings from Argento.

(*All of these products have been bought by me.)
The giveaway will last for two weeks so get entering and get sharing!
Open to UK and Ireland residents only. If under the age of 16 then please get a parents consent.
Thank you xx

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Liebster Award Nomination

Hello there!

So the lovely Daniella over at Polkadella blog has very kindly nominated me for a Liebster award. Now, I am unsure what exactly it is but its designed for smaller blogs with less than 200 followers so I do think it is giving a great platform for other bloggers to interact with each other, and to offer support and exposure of their blog.

The Rules:
So once you have been nominated you will need to follow these rules, that is if you decided to accept the nomination.
You will need post a blog post with the following included:

1. Accepting the award
2. Answer the questions set by the blogger who nominated you
3. Nominate 11 other bloggers (try to avoid repeats) for the award
4. Set 11 questions of your own for your nominees to answer
5. Please place the Liebster Badge on your post

Just remember when you nominate other bloggers you should post on their blog or send an email just to notify them that they have been nominated by you.
The quickest way to explain what's what is to give them a link to the rules which can be the link to your blog post. You also need to list the nominees on your blog with links so others can gain access.

Ok so I am now going to answer the questions asked by Daniella.
1. What made you want to start blogging?

 I had been an intern for a local online business based in Belfast and I was the blog manager of the company. At this time I was exposed to interacting with bloggers who wrote from different aspects-from life and relationships, food and fashion and beauty. I was in charge of editing the blogs and uploading the posts, to email the bloggers with a weekly newsletter and to brainstorm back and forth with topics to write about. After my time came to an end and I started uni, I really began to miss it so decided to start my own.

2. What is the craziest thing youv'e done?

Oh God. I really don't wana say. Define crazy?

3. What is your most precious possession?

This may sound weird and technically it's not a possession but my dog. I swear, I treat him like a baby, can't leave him on his own too long or I began to panic that he's lonely. I don't even get all that homesick but since having him I can't wait to get back home just to see the wee mongrel.

4. Have you seen Ellie Goulding live, if so where? (I just really love her)

Ah no, no I have not indeed.

5. If you was on a desert island what 5 things would you take?

1) moisturiser
2)A blanket
4)an endless supply of my ma's stew. Or her potatoes. I'm Irish, I was reared on the stuff.
5)Endless supply of alcohol. Any type. Please and thank you.

6. What skin type are you?

hmmm. My skin is constantly changing but generally, this is the best condition my skin has probably been in. Sure I still have some acne scars, redness and enlarged pores but I don't suffer from outbreaks anymore :) I have always taken care of my skin though. I would probably say normal/dehydrated.

7. Acrylic or Natural paint your self nails?

oh natural.

8. What is your favourite make up beauty brand?

Such a hard question! High street I would probably have to say max factor, high end I'm going to say illamasqua. Toughie between them and estee lauder.

9. Are you following me on any networks? (you can say no..I'm just curious

Twitter and bloglovin :)

10. If you had £10,000 you could spend on anything what would it be?

Diamonds! Then the rest to charity, i'm just being too greedy.

11. Have you ever dyed your hair pink?


So the 11 blogs that I have chosen for the Leibster award are:

Painted Petals.
Bernadette Christina.
crimes of a blonde
pretty not perfect
silver brogues
That Belfast Girl
life under the pink blanket
one year of fashion fasting by LK

 and here are my questions:

1)What is the first thing that pops into your head?
2) Describe yourself in three words.
3)why did you start blogging?
4) Do you agree with the leibster award in what it is trying to promote?
5) what do you like best about blogging?
6) What do you dislike about blogging?
7) Who are your fashion/beauty icons? They can be male or female.
8)What is the best thing you like most about the place where you are from/living?
9) Do you fake tan?
10) which do you prefer in a look-natural or glamorous?
11) Have you ever been caught doing something you shouldn't have? (Not necessarily breaking the law, but if it applies here to you then go on ahead.)

So that is that my lovelies!

Leave me a comment below if you accept and I can't wait to see your answers.

Niamh xx


ebay steal-No7 brush set

Hello lovelies!

Today I'm sharing with you all an amazing ebay steal that I won. I won the winning bid for these gorgeous eyeshadows brushes for only £3.00 and £1.50 p+p. Bargain!

The set contains a lovely wrap holder that is so sleek and compact it could easily fit in your handbag. Inside there are four very soft brushes. I've yet to use them but from the feel of them they look pretty good. A sturdy handle and no shedding so they are very good quality.



A handy step by step guide to the ultimate smokey eye and how to use the brushes to the best of their use. So altogether there is an eye shadow brush, an angled shader brush, a smudge brush and finally a liner brush.

I'm so pleased with this little gem and one of those ebay steals that you get at a low bid. I love ebay!
care to share any of your ebay steals lately?

Niamh xx